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Snack and Story Time Children’s Literacy Series

The Snack and Story Time Children’s Literacy Series

Snack and Story Time Children’s Literacy Series

Snack and Story Time is a literacy program offered to children ages 3 – 10 as a culinary artistic way to make cool snacks at home or in school.  Most importantly, it’s a fun way to help children develop skills related to following instructions and listening carefully.  Once the snack is made, kids are then treated to a live storytelling experience.  There’s no better combination than reading a great story and eating a healthy snack!

As a Virtual School Takeover Field Trip experience, we can accommodate up to 800 students and teachers simultaneously.  We will deliver pre-packaged, individualized kits containing all the necessary ingredients to the school. What makes Snack and Story Time so impactful in the classroom setting is the incorporation of STEM elements that connect to current topics of class instruction.

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Snack and Story Time Children's Literacy Series

Making food fun! Even the pickiest eater will enjoy Snack and Story Time.